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Text Analysis

Do you have large amounts of unstructured text data that you need to analyze? Adapt's Snapshot text analytics utilizes the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI to automatically identify key topics and the related respondent sentiment. The deliverable is a dashboard that allows you to drill down into the details and find the insights your clients need.


  • Lightning fast, low-cost option for large sample sizes or when budget issues prohibit traditional coding
  • Natural Language Processing identifies key topics and respondent sentiment
  • Dashboard allows you t drill down by topic, sentiment or both to identify key insights
  • Download text, data and graphics for reports

Contact Dave Koch (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to schedule a demonstration.




"Adapt works with many people within our organization. The feedback I hear is always the same, whether related to print, scanning or comment coding, our staff always gives Adapt the highest vendor rating and never have a single complaint about their service."

Vendor Manager
large consumer insights consultancy