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Audio Recording Transcription

At Adapt our highly trained staff work exclusively on transcribing digital recordings of focus groups, one on one interviews and recorded open ends from IVR and Mobile interviews.

Our standard format makes it easy to identify moderator vs. participant comments. As with all of our services, we are flexible, so let us know what format you require.

Adapt offers unique options for processing IDIs in a summarized format. We can also translate foreign language recordings to English.


  1. Healthcare transcription specialists
  2. Proprietary IDI Excel summary product offering
  3. Production system for handling high volume IVR or Mobile open end projects
  4. Foreign language translation to English

Contact Adapt today and put our 40 years of audio recording transcription experience to work for you!

"Adapt is frankly the best vendor we work with. I wish every company we partnered with was as dependable and easy to work with.”

Field Director
Medium sized insights organization